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Hartley and Co. Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing high quality HVAC services to the Kamloops and surrounding areas. We are passionate about delivering the best possible service while bringing expertise, experience, and top notch work to our clients.

Our team of technicians are committed to delivering the best possible results with the customers interest a priority. Whether you need a regular maintenance or an emergency repair, Hartley and Co. is here to help. Contact us today and let us take care of all your HVAC needs. Meeting under an emergency situation leads to long term clients and great relationship.

Old picture of Kamloops in the 1950s or 60s


Picture of the business owner in front of a control panel

Luke Hartley

Founder & CEO

Hartley & Co. is proud to present our team of skilled professionals led by Luke Hartley. Affectionately referred to as "Cool-hand Luke" by his friends, Luke developed an early appetite for mechanics, fabricating and repairs from an early age. Luke’s hobbies bring another avenue of experience to the HVAC front. Luke is passionate about motorsports including dirt bike racing, auto racing and hot rod building. These passions have been the cornerstone of Hartley & Co for 25 years.

Dog outside sitting beside a heat pump


Tool Packer & Entertainer

Meet Luna our furry mascot, a beloved family dog, adds a unique touch as she packs our tools and provides entertainment for the kids. Plus, our specialist guard dog makes sure our service truck and work areas are always kept clean and free of any hair.

Technician standing beside a root top pack

Mark Barron


Meet Mark Barron, an experienced, reliable technician who takes an honest approach to his work and takes pride in the results. He has a technical eye and pays great attention to detail, always bringing a logical mindset to each project. Mark is happy go lucky and always has a smile on his face. When he's not working, Mark can be found overlanding with his Land Cruiser or playing drums in a rock band.

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