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Heat Pump Service & Repair

Efficient Comfort: Unmatched Heat Pump Installation Excellence by Hartley and Co

Heat Pump Service & Repair

Elevate your comfort and savings with a heat pump. Designed to thrive in the city's climate or those off grid, heat pumps offer both heating and cooling capabilities, making them an ideal choice for the region's temperature extremes.

What makes this investment even more appealing are the British Columbia energy rebate options available. When you opt for a heat pump, you not only enjoy year-round climate control but also access government rebates that promote energy efficiency. This is especially advantageous for all-electric homes, as heat pumps are incredibly efficient and can substantially reduce your energy consumption. By choosing a heat pump, you align with BC's environmental commitment, contributing to a greener future.

There are many applications of heat pumps. Those with central air can be converted and those without ductwork can have mini-splits installed. To qualify for rebates certain parameters must be met.

Upgrade your home with a heat pump backed by energy rebate incentives from the British Columbia government. Enjoy comfort, efficiency, and eco-conscious living all in one package.

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