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Furnace Service & Repair

Warmth Perfected: Hartley and Co's Expert Furnace Installation Services

Furnace Service & Repair

Our professional furnace installation team recently completed a project that brought warmth and comfort to a local residence. Facing the challenging winter climate of British Columbia, this installation was a crucial upgrade for the homeowners.

The project began with a thorough assessment of the property's heating needs and energy efficiency goals. The homeowners chose a high-efficiency natural gas furnace, selected for its reliability and cost-effective operation. The installation team ensured compliance with all local building codes and safety regulations.

Careful planning and precision were essential throughout the installation process. The team expertly removed the old furnace replacing it with a modern, energy-efficient unit. The installation included a programmable thermostat, allowing the homeowners to control their indoor climate with ease.

After hours of meticulous work, the new furnace was up and running seamlessly, providing the family with consistent and reliable heating. The installation not only increased the home's comfort but also reduced energy consumption and utility bills, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. As a bonus it's known to increase the value of your home.

With this successful furnace installation, the homeowners can now enjoy a warm and cozy living space during the chilly winter months, all while contributing to a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly future.

Also available with your furnace installation is a heat pump that can work in conjunction. A dual fuel system can qualify for provincial rebates.

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